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Welcome to Divine Fortune

In the past 6 years we have been involved in the sale and distribution of Electronics and other house hold products to individuals and businesses. We render Consumer Credit Service (CCS) and One Off Purchase (OOP) as well as Deposit Purchase (DP). We pride ourselves in the sale of quality products guaranteed to generate utmost satisfaction to users and with over 20,000 customers in our customer data base in Lagos only, we have every reason to say, THANK YOU GOD.

Our product brand includes: Haier Thermocool, TEC, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Philips, Scanfrost, Sharp, Nexus, Sumec, Bluegate, HP, Citizen, Sayona, Cway, Akai, Voltplus and so on.

Our list of products include: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air-conditioners, Television Sets, Microwaves, Washing Machines, DVD players, Water Dispensers, Table and Standing electric/Gas Cookers, Power Stabilizers, Regular and Industrials, Pressing Iron, Ironing Boards, Blenders, Power Inverters, UPS, HP Laptops, Air coolers and several others.

We are poised to be the leading online Outright Purchase and Consumer Credit Service delivery Company by continuously rendering flawless services at best speed and value. We believe in the best quality for all products and this underscores our determination to always deliver superior quality products to our clients. We have on offer:

* Credit Purchase
* One-Off Purchase
* Deposit Purchase
* Door Step Delivery

New Products For April

TEC Aircooler - STORMY - MD2000
Sale: =N=29,553.48
Save: 3% off
TEC Ceiling Fan - Premier white
Sale: =N=5,408.48
Save: 3% off
TEC Ceiling Fan - Premier Brown
Sale: =N=5,408.48
Save: 3% off
TEC Ceiling Fan - Deluxe Brown
Sale: =N=5,891.38
Save: 3% off
TEC Ceiling Fan - Deluxe white
Sale: =N=5,794.80
Save: 3% off
TEC Ceiling Fan - Ultimate Maroon
Sale: =N=6,760.60
Save: 3% off

Featured Products

Citizen 2000VA
Sale: =N=6,374.28
Save: 3% off
Haier HTF 519
Sale: =N=133,376.98
Save: 3% off
Haier HTF 259H
=N=76,200.00  =N=76,200.00
Save: 0% off

Monthly Specials For April

Sayona SWK-2500
=N=1,500.00  =N=1,200.00
Save: 20% off
Sayona SWK-4000
=N=1,500.00  =N=1,300.00
Save: 13% off
=N=160,000.00  =N=155,000.00
Save: 3% off
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